Karl Anderson Comments On The Good Brothers Not Winning The Tag-Team Titles At Rebellion


Karl Anderson of The Good Brothers recently spoke about the team not winning the Impact Tag-Team Titles back at Rebellion. For those unaware, Anderson and Gallows lost to FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson), failing to recapture the titles.

“I think it’s a great idea that we don’t get them,” Anderson said.

Anderson also noted that they already have plenty of accomplishments as a team and it was better to keep them on the NJPW team right now.

Gallows added to the above by saying, “The highest buy rate in IMPACT Wrestling history, I heard it come out of Don Callis’ mouth.”

Anderson went on to say the event drew the second highest grossing pay-per-view buyrate for the company since Slammiversary 2020 last July.

Gallows concluded with the following statement:

“Don Callis looked at me, I had on a Superstar Billy Graham tye-dye shirt, I looked like a buffoon and we have a reason for that. We said, if we’re going to be heels and the Young Bucks are going to be heels too, let’s fully commit and get real heat. Let’s not be the cool NWO heels, let’s be dicks. We’re still cool enough. Don looked at me and said, ‘We haven’t had a title unification match in 40 years. If you could take that off, that’d be great.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ Point taken, feelings hurt, but I get it.”

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