Karl Anderson Reacts To Ace Austin Joining The Bullet Club


During the latest episode of the Talk’n Shop podcast, Karl Anderson revealed that it was Scott D’Amore who decided Ace Austin would join The Bullet Club. He said,

“It’s whatever booker wants to put the son (of a) b*tch in. People will say, ‘Why did you let this guy in?’ Guys, listen, you have to understand. The person that makes the show gets to put the f*cking person in the damn Club. Scott D’Amore wanted Ace Austin in there. That’s not saying I didn’t want him in there, it’s a great shot for him. You can hate on the Bullet Club all you want, of course, anything that is done successfully is going to get hated on. You can’t deny that it’s going to help your career.”

It should be noted that also during the podcast, Anderson confirmed that he “was asked about it,” before Ace Austin was placed in The Bullet Club.

Ace Austin joined The Bullet Club at NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors 29 Finals earlier this month.

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