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Karrion Kross Discusses His “Strategic Avoidance” Of Roman Reigns


Karrion Kross would probably rather forget his first run on WWE’s main roster. Now that he has returned to the Fed under the new regime of Triple H, the creative direction for his character seems to be putting as much distance between that first run and his current one as possible.

In a recent appearance on El Brunch, Kross talked about his two runs with WWE and some of his strategic choices during his appearances for the company. Initially, he hoped to face off with some of the roster’s bigger names, but has since decided to take a more cautious approach this go-round.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

His initial goals when starting with WWE: “When I was leaving NXT the first time and coming to the main roster, my goal was to compete against Roman Reigns. I wanted to be very careful about how I would talk about them [dream matches] publicly, because sometimes when you say what you want to do publicly, it will never happen. People would ask me, ‘Do you wanna wrestle Goldberg? Do you wanna wrestle Brock Lesnar? Do you wanna wrestle Bray Wyatt? Drew McIntyre? Randy Orton?’ Yes, across the boards, but I would never, ever talk about Roman Reigns. I didn’t want him to know I was coming.”

On his recent return to WWE: “At the time I thought that I would naturally just get there. So this time coming back, immediately going towards my original goal to compete against him, I feel very, very good about this. This is exactly where I want to be.”

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