Kassius Ohno’s New Finisher, Y2J’s 10 Favorite Things


— Kassius Ohno posted the following to Twitter about his finishing move, the KO: A Rolling Elbow minus the ‘roll’ is simply an elbow. Discus throwers spin in a circle to build momentum & increase power. The trick is maintaining accuracy as the elbow connects. If done right, the move is incredibly effective. Can’t fault someone for utilizing such a devastating maneuver. Besides, you never know where that certain someone may have picked up the technique. Tanaka? Misawa? Or… My dream is to carry on the legacy of the Elbow from Mitsuharu Misawa just as he carried it from Jumbo Tsuruta and brought it to new heights

SLAM! Wrestling has a new interview with Damien Sandow at this link.

— Chris Jericho did a new interview where he talked about his 10 favorite things:

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