Kaun confirms signing with ROH and AEW

Kaun Confirms Signing With AEW & ROH – Details


Kaun recently confirmed during an appearance on the Jobber Tears podcast that he has in fact signed a contract to wrestle for both AEW and ROH.

For those unaware, Kaun appeared at ROH’s Supercard of Honor event as he was revealed to be one of Tully Blanchard’s new associates, alongside his tag partner, Toa Liona.

Kaun said,

It’s interesting, right? [Being on this current journey without Shane Taylor Promotions] This is a business, so after my time [in ROH came to an end], it was like what’s next in store for me? And I took the opportunity with AEW. I look at that as a step up and then you go there and you find out you’re [a part] of Ring of Honor and it’s like, oh that’s cool… it’s different though. I think for me… I have a contract, so, I’m excited.

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