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NewsKavita Devi on Life in WWE, Fixing India's Wrestling Scene, and More

Kavita Devi on Life in WWE, Fixing India’s Wrestling Scene, and More



Kavita Devi is the first Indian female to sign with WWE. Having already made her WrestleMania debut last year in the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, she is on her way to a successful career.

In a recent interview with Times Now News, Devi opens up about the hardships of being a wrestler, how to fix India’s professional wrestling scene, and more. Here are some highlights:

Kavita on the recent WWE tryouts in India and their effect on the Indian Professional Wrestling scene:

“This will be a game-changer. We can even see examples of that as several boys and girls are coming out and participating in it. This is just the first time it has happened and still, the response has been great. In the coming period, I am sure that more wrestlers are going to take part in it.”

Kavita on the hardships of being a Pro Wrestler:

“We have to train ourselves to compete against world-class athletes. You have to work day and night to reach that level. There has to be a passion for it as it is not like other sports. On this platform, we have to give something extra.”

Kavita on the issues facing the Indian Professional Wrestling scene:

“We have a lot of different wrestling schools in the country like a WWE wrestling school to train the athletes. Currently, the facilities are not there in India. The craze is there among the youth but lack of basic facilities that are hampering them. If WWE opens up different schools in India, then it would be really beneficial.”

Kavita on life in WWE:

“They treat us like a family member. Everyone stays together and they don’t even let us realize that we are staying so far away from our homeland. Everyone respects the other person’s culture and even appreciate it. The atmosphere is really good over there.”

Kavita also says she hopes to debut soon. To read the full interview, click here.

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