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NewsKayla Braxton Says She Wasn't Cut Out For WWE Announcer Role

Kayla Braxton Says She Wasn’t Cut Out For WWE Announcer Role



Kayla Braxton may have been impressive for years as a WWE interviewer, but she believes she was not sufficiently cut out to be an announcer.

Braxton joined WWE in 2016 and had a stint as a ring announcer, though she would be moved into a different role shortly after.

On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, Braxton spoke about her brief tenure as a ring announcer and why it didn’t work out. She said,

“I give so much kudos to all of our ring announcers. But it wasn’t for me, but I told them, ‘I’ll be the best ring announcer I can possibly be for you as long as you want.’ But I made it very clear, I’m a journalist at heart, I want to be able to be that here. And host shows like I did The Bump for the last four years. And they were very open to that. And Michael Cole has been instrumental and getting me to where I wanted to be in WWE. And when the opportunity came up for The Bump, they came to me and asked me if I wanted to host it. And then that like revived my career here. That was like the coolest thing I could have ever done.”

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