Kaz & Daniels Speak Out – Tag-Teams, Styles/Angle, More


Kazarian and Daniels recently spoke on the Monday Night Mayhem show with The Big Mosh and Todd Vincent about gelling as a tag team and more. Check out the highlights:

Kaz on how they’ve connected as a tag team so quickly: “We’re renowned for our singles work, especially here in TNA, but we have known each other for the better part of 14 years. The chemistry is there, along with the mutual respect and friendship. Right now, when we are on our game, there’s nobody better than us, and we’re begging teams to come to TNA at this point.”

Daniels on their tag dynamic: “The reason me and Frankie are such a good tag team is because we know that we put our egos to the side. It’s not about me first or him first. We know it’s team first. We put the team first, the team will flourish, the team will succeed, the team will get over. And that’s our mentality, to make the whole better than the sum of its parts.”

Kaz on their feud with AJ Styles and Kurt Angle: “All drama aside, when you get AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, along Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in the ring, you have got four guys that have honed their craft for many years and respect the wrestling business like none other. you have guys that are going to give their absolute best foot forward and give 100% every night.”

Daniels on Styles and Angle: “You have AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, two of the best wrestlers in the world. If you go out and have a bad match with them, you shouldn’t even be in the wrestling business. Our goal is to get out there and have the matches that the fans remember at the end of the night.”

Kaz on the significance Destination X, Austin Aries and more: “Well, it’s the X-Division that we started. It’s the X-Division that brought you the Ultimate X Match and the Unbreakable three-way with Daniels, AJ (Styles), and Samoa Joe, probably the best match in the history of this company. In a right about way, the X-Division is the concrete that was laid for the foundation of this company to build on, and now Austin Aries got a crack at Bobby Roode. I think it’s a great idea.”

Daniels on the X-Division: “The X-Division has always been about bringing action to the wrestling fans. You put all the pomp and circumstance to the side, when it comes down to it and when the bell rings, TNA has the best talent in the world. The X-Division has been a cornerstone of that talent on the roster.”

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