Kazarian Comments On Turning Against Christopher Daniels & Reveals Where He Got The Idea


In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Kazarian spoke about his inspiration to turn on Christopher Daniels and join the Bullet Club. Here are highlights:

On turning on Daniels and joining the Bullet Club: “I pitched the idea of me turning and joining the Bullet Club, citing the reason that Chris Daniels was selfish for abandoning The Addiction and going off on his own for the world title. I became the jealous little brother that didn’t get the attention his big brother received. I believed that was something people could relate to and believe–the spoiled little brother isn’t getting his way so he does something dastardly. The angles with Page, Hall, and Nash – and, to a lesser degree, the one with Mike Tyson, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels–were in the back of my mind when I threw this together. Some other people added their touch, and I could not have been happier with the way it came out. In 2017, it’s hard to swerve these very sophisticated wrestling fans. It’s quite an accomplishment, so I was very, very happy that people were surprised. The fact that it culminated with a very deserving wrestler in Christopher Daniels winning a very prestigious world title showed that the stars aligned.”


On getting revenge on Hangman Page: “This Friday night will be sweet revenge. I lost my World Television title match to Marty Scurll due to Adam Page. Bullet Club was upset at what I did to them, so they sent Adam Page after me several times, with the first time being in a parking lot in Las Vegas and the second time when he threw a chair in my face during my title match with Scurll. Now it’s time to beat the hell of each other in the ring. Page is very good, he’s very underrated, but I’m better and I can’t wait to prove it in front of one of the best crowds in the world.”

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