Kazarian Discusses Facing Christopher Daniels, The Origins Of Ring Of Honor, & More


Former TNA Superstar Frankie Kazarian recently spoke with Sporting News. During the interview, Kazarian discussed his upcoming match with Christopher Daniels, the origins of Ring of Honor and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On the origins of Ring Of Honor: “I was lucky to be on the second King of the Indies show, which really was the catalyst for what Ring of Honor became. Look at the names that were there. You had Low Ki, Bryan Danielson, Spanky, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, myself, Adam Pearce, Super Dragon, Doug Williams, Mike Modest, Donovan Morgan, all these top names on one show wrestling each other. People looked at that and thought this is something we should be doing.”


On how advertising affects wrestling on TV: “I might be in the minority in this thinking, but I kind of like wrestling when it’s a little gritty and a little dirty and a little risque. I think wrestling, by and large, especially wrestling on television, is far too sanitized and far too neat. I understand … they have to be because of advertisers. I get that. I think that professional wrestling works best when the reins are dropped and we are allowed to be dirty and risky and unsanitized and unclean.”

On facing Christopher Daniels: “Christopher Daniels is one of the best wrestlers in the world and a guy I was lucky enough to be a fan of before I got into the business and became very close with when I got in the business and have traveled up and down the road with for the better part of 12, 14 years. All I ask is for a quality opponent every night and they don’t come any more quality than Chris. It’s going to be a spectacular match.”

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