Kazuchika Okada Compares Kenny Omega To AJ Styles & Talks About Being Called “Manufactured”


A wrestling reporter by the name of Chris Charlton posted parts of an interview with Kazuchika Okada to Twitter. Okada talked about Kenny Omega and then addressed being called “manufactured.”

On Omega’s skills: “He beat Tanahashi, beat Naito, and both of those have held the IWGP Title. He can pretty much do anything…he has a lot of power; he can fly. He’s very much like AJ [Styles], just an ‘all mighty’ type of wrestler, but unlike AJ, he has all that ability *and* he’s crazy. I realized that when he took out Gedo. He’s insane.”

On Omega calling him manufactured: “Everyone who wrestles me complains that I’m manufactured, office chosen. To be, that’s obvious y’know? The office wants a star, finds the best they have and pushes them. That’s me. If you’re an ace, or a top string baseball player, yeah you get paid in the hundreds of millions. It’s working at this level, doing TV appearances, doing commercials, being known worldwide. And at this point, I know myself better than ever. The Tanahashi feud, finally besting him, coming through 2016 has made me the strongest I’ve ever been.”

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