KC Navarro Believes The ‘Time Is Now’ For Kylie Rae


Standout independent wrestler KC Navarro is a big fan of Kylie Rae, and believes that her time on the big stage has arrived.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc, Navarro heaped praise on Kylie Rae as a “great person and phenomenal athlete.” Navarro went so far as to label Rae the “heart and soul of Chicago wrestling.” Despite her appearances for major promotions, Kylie has always maintained a presence in the Illinois independent scene.


“I think it’s time for Kylie to be at the big time now. I feel like she had an awesome showing on the Main Event show,” said Navarro. Kylie Rae wrestled Dana Brooke in a tryout match with WWE under the name “Briana Ray.” Though the match went well, Rae remains a free agent.

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