Keith Lee Reveals Why He Chose EVOLVE Over ROH, Discusses Teaming With Shane Taylor, More


Keith Lee recently spoke with the All Night Long Wrestling Podcast, here are the highlights…

On which match he directs fans to that best showcases what he can do: “If I’m just looking to blow their minds, I generally direct them to myself versus Brian Cage. It’s kind of like a freakin’ video game match, where I kind of just feel like we are one upping each other, challenging each other’s cardio. We’re just constantly throwing each other around, it’s just a nuts match, it’s craziness.”


On his team with Shane Taylor: “You’ve got just two enormous guys. Shane, who at the time was probably 365-370, and me who hovers around 320-330 regularly, so obviously we can run through anybody on our own right. In terms of the more challenging matches, it took some learning and whatnot and I think that we accelerated at a very fast pace.”

On why he chose EVOLVE over ROH: “It was very difficult. ROH made an offer at the very end of 2016, not long after that, maybe a week then Evolve made an offer. I took probably around three weeks of thinking, chatting, talking, brainstorming, talking to mentors and whatnot, weighing pros and cons. Considering Shane of course, and in the end after talking to mentors, friends, family and whatnot, it just felt like Evolve’s interest was way, way more fitting in my interest. They were looking to give me a chance to showcase Keith Lee, and that’s all I wanted was a chance to deliver and to be something that can build a company, and I think that I’m doing that.”

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