Keith Lee Reveals How He Got on WWE’s Radar, His First Gig As An Extra


During the latest edition of “Chasing Glory” (Lilian Garcia’s podcast), Keith Lee commented how he got on WWE’s radar, working his first gig as an extra, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how he got on WWE’s radar: “A gentlemen by the name of Lance Hoyt, or Lance Archer — Vance Archer, I believe he was at WWE — was somebody that mentioned me backstage for some extra work. And that got me my first ‘extra’ work, which led to my first tryout, which was in 2008. And from there on, they just used me whenever they came around Texas.”

On his first gig as an extra: “That particular day… [laughs] It was interesting. So I was obviously chosen because I was one of the few that actually looked like I could be a security guy. And as that occurred, I really think that I may have gotten a joke played on me. Vince looked very confused when he came out, because someone told me, ‘It’ll be great if you go down as soon as Vince hits you.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, for sure. I’m gonna make him, like, really proud!’ And lo and behold, they come out. Vince jaws me, bang! Right in the mouth. He just looks confused, and just looks and starts beating up somebody else! [laughs] They were just getting beat up basically [the security guys], and I guess me going down surprised them because I was the biggest one there. So all these guys are getting beat up. I eventually stand up. Triple H has me in a grip, Vince is taking body shots on me. Shane comes over, tries to grab my head, but he thumbs me right in the eye. So now I can’t see anything. And then Triple H just takes me and runs me right into the barricade. I can’t see what’s happening, I just know things are happening. I run into some metal and I’m like, ‘Oh god, I’m just gonna fall down now.’ I can’t see anything, my ribs hurt. [laughs]”

On the reaction backstage: “They’re just like, ‘Great job, you did a great job!’ And I’m like, [holding his eye] ‘Yeah, thanks, appreciate it! Thank you so much!’ … And my eye hurt for, I don’t know, probably two or three days before I could even get the swelling to go down and stuff, get the red out of my eye. It was great though, it was awesome.”

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