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NewsKeith Lee Shares His Own #SpeakingOut Story, Says Woman Spiked His Drink

Keith Lee Shares His Own #SpeakingOut Story, Says Woman Spiked His Drink



WWE NXT Superstar Keith Lee recently spoke out as part of the #SpeakingOut movement, sharing his own story. He said he used to live in Texas in 2016 or 2017 and went to an old bar he used to visit often. He says a woman came to sit with him and they talked for a bit. He didn’t realize she was interested until she told him straight out. When he declined her offer because he was in a relationship at the time, she remained pleasant but continued to make passes at him. He said he “politely declined and explained I enjoyed the company, but that chat could not continue.” He then offered to buy her a drink as an apology but she said she’d buy him one. When he went to the bathroom and returned with fresh drinks on the table, he immediately became “extremely fuzzy” and wound up naked in a hotel room. Basically, he insinuates that she spiked his drink. He said,

“To this day…. I know not what happened. I have tried to forget about it ever since…. But I tell this story, so people understand. Anyone can be a victim. ANYONE. It is why I randomly stopped drinking. And why it remains such a rarity to this day.”

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