Kelly Kelly Reveals Who Came up with Her Ring Name, Why She Left WWE


Former WWE star Kelly Kelly was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Kelly discussed who came up with her in-ring name, and explained why she left WWE in 2013.

Here are the highlights:

Who came up with her in-ring name: “So Vince came up with the name. The first episode of ECW, it was going to be Kelly. He had given me a list of names … so I picked Kelly because I thought that was cute. I couldn’t be Barbie. I guess Vince had seen an episode of ‘Cheers’ and the girls’ name on it is Kelly. Her boyfriend on it did a song called Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly. So in Vince’s mind, that’s how it came to be.”

Why she left WWE: “For me, I had never been hurt. I had never really been out, [I had] never taken time off. From 19 until 26 years old, for 7 years basically, I was on the road straight 300 days a year. I was tired, my body was tired. Your heart has to be in it, you have to go out there and give it your all and the fans can feel if you’re not into it. It just got to a point where you’re just dreading having to get on the plane. I just wanted some time off at that point.

“They were very supportive of it. They said to take as much time off as you need so I took a few months off. I kind of wanted to come back but I wanted to come back part-time. Where we were at back then it was like ‘no, it’s either all or nothing kind of thing.’ They were like ‘the door is always open.’ We ended on good terms, there was no bad blood. It was just my time. I was just ready to be at home and put focus into my family. It wasn’t anything bad that happened.”

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