Kelly Klein Feels That The TNA Knockouts Started The Women’s Revolution, Talks Mae Young Classic & More


Current Ring Of Honor star, Kelly Klein joined the “Interactive Wrestling Radio” show recently & discussed how she believes the TNA Knockouts had a hand in creating the Women’s revolution that we see in the current WWE product. Klein also spoke on possibly competing in WWE’s 32-Woman tournament:

Here are the highlights: (transcripts by WrestlingINC)

Her Thoughts On Who Started The Women’s Revolution:

“When you look at other things outside of wrestling, at history. The person who writes the history book is always the winner, the person with more money behind them and more exposure is going to claim that. I think the WWE has done and is doing great things for the women’s revolution. But, at this point, I think it is more a collaborative effort. There are so many women who are training and excelling now in the lower levels of wrestling and a lot of that is because they see there is a payoff, there is a place for them. Whereas, 10 years ago, when I was starting, there were very limited roles. That was when the Knockouts started. There were more roles and that was a big deal. As far as starting it, I think that the Knockouts really had a huge role in that, it is kind of funny, in a way; even though there are more spots available, there are more women going for those spots. We do have to be working even harder and be at the top of our game, I love it because it creates competition among us and within ourselves to be the best.”

If She Will Be A Part Of The “Mae Young Classic”:

“I am just going to say that I would always consider any opportunity. Every opportunity has many, many variables, many seen and many unforeseen. I am not one who would ever say I would never do this or never work for this place. Every opportunity is different and has to be considered individually.”

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