Ken Shamrock Discusses A Possible WWE Return, More



Ken Shamrock recently spoke about a possible WWE return and more. Here are the highlights….

On Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta: It’s like the original UFC never existed to them. They completely embarrass the history and mention us slightly but it’s like they don’t want to acknowledge the history of their company. There is hardly even a 30 second mention of me in any of there videos . You have Lorenzo telling people that he didn’t sell because he slept on it, that’s an absolute joke. It was because Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock went in and blew up their event and they realized they could make money off it.

On His Decision to join WWE: I don’t think it was a decision I made because I wanted to do it, it was one I made because I needed the money for my family. The UFC was having huge legal trouble and it got to a point where UFC didn’t have the money to pay me to keep moving forward and looking after my family. There were no hard feelings when I moved and I try to explain that to my fans. There comes a time when you have to do things that you have to do what you don’t want to. I didn’t want to leave UFC but I had to make that decision. When I did eventually make the move to WWE , I realized that I loved it and I wasn’t sure if that was going to be the case.

On Possibly Winning the WWE Title in 1997: I’m not sure, I know I was being groomed. I was being put in a very good position to take the title . I took the Intercontinental Title from The Rock and had some great matches with him. I sensed I was going to move up and whether it was with Bret or Rock or Stone Cold or if I was in the mix with all of them, but it just never flourished.

On a Possible WWE Return: First of all, I want people to realize that it is hard to se all the old stars come back to Hall of Fame stuff and me not be included in all these things. I accomplished more than anyone in 2 years at WWF and I was part of one of the biggest match that started the attitude era with Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold . That match changed wrestling to what it is today. There is not a peep from anyone within WWE . I don’t know why they won’t give me a shot in the WWE and to challenge for the WWE title . I have reached out through many different types of media and the only thing I’ve heard back is that they’re doing okay and don’t need me. I say that if you’re gonna be bringing people back from the attitude era and before that then I don’t understand why you wouldn’t bring me back. There seems to be a black mark against me and I don’t understand it

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