Ken Shamrock Doesn’t Understand Why WWE Won’t Take Him Back, Talks CM Punk Entering The UFC


During a recent interview with Wrestledelphia Radio, former WWE Superstar and UFC fighter Ken Shamrock commented on CM Punk being in the UFC and WWE not wanting him back. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On CM Punk in the UFC: “I thought [CM Punk] took more of a risk than myself, Brock [Lesnar], or anybody else. His background isn’t in wrestling, as far as amateur. His background isn’t in mixed martial arts. His background is just in pro wrestling. So for him to go from pro wrestling, which he was a superstar in, into the MMA world – where he didn’t have any kind of background with submissions or grappling – and going into [UFC], that was a big risk…I thought he did a great job and applaud him for what he did.”

On returning to WWE at the Royal Rumble: “I doubt it. I’ve been saying this for years. I’m not understanding that with everybody that I’ve seen come back – Kurt Angle, The Rock – how isn’t Ken Shamrock there? If anybody makes sense in coming back and doing something with those guys coming back, there is no other better person than myself.”

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