Ken Shamrock: ‘I’ve Been Blackballed From Wrestling’


During a recent interview, Ken Shamrock spoke about a desire to return to wrestling and the feeling that he’s been blackballed in the business. Here is what he had to say‚Ķ

“There are certain people that don’t want to see me back [in WWE] … I’ve been begging for somebody to give me an explanation why I’m not being considered to at least be a part of the Hall of Fame party, or get invited to some of the events that are going on. I’ve been pretty much blackballed, and I don’t know why. I don’t think I have any enemies, except Hunter – I didn’t think we didn’t get along, but I know we rubbed shoulders the wrong way. Maybe there’s jealousy, I don’t know. I would really love to come back and get that shot at the title.

TNA. I didn’t have the time I needed to spend to work there. Now I have that time and I’m in great shape … I don’t have to worry about trimming my size down for fighting. I’m pretty much open to get back into pro wrestling, I just need somebody to give me an opportunity.”

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