Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock Reacts to the Chairshot The Rock Gave Him, and More


Ken Shamrock recently appeared on “Busted Open Radio” and commented on working with The Rock, the “Attitude Era”, and more. You can check out some highlights and a clip from the interview below:

On how he and The Rock had great chemistry: “I was very blessed. I got to work with Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Undertaker. I could name all of them, but I think my time in WWF and the time with The Rock really helped me develop. Also, we both got to develop – cut our teeth on one another and really develop characters that were solid in that pro wrestling era. I’d like to think that me and The Rock were – at the time when we were working those programs, we had put on matches that were just as good as some of the top guys’ matches, and it was because our chemistry was so good together.”

On the chair shot The Rock gave him: “If you’ve seen the chair shot, he definitely obliged me. I literally told him, I said, ‘Bro, I ain’t selling anything if it don’t touch,’ and I did that with everybody. I just said, you know, ‘I can’t do that.’ And he looked at me and said, ‘Oh, don’t worry.’”

(h/t 411 Wrestling)

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