​Ken Shamrock Reacts To The Ultimate Warrior’s Death


In an interview with The Roman Show, Ken Shamrock spoke
about the passing of the Ultimate Warrior.

On the passing of the Ultimate Warrior:
“Anytime you know of someone who passes away is always a sad feeling. You
understand that this is stuff that happens in life. You wish the family and
friends a little bit of comfort. He is in a better place. Its really the people
that are left behind you want to pray for.”

On meeting the Warrior: “First memory is a
funny one. I was in Gene Anderson’s organization and WWF came to town they
brought me in for three house show. I worked two matches with Barry Horowitz and
one with Mega Man. The two with Barry were good and the one with Mega Man was a
horrible match. I went to the locker room they told me ‘don’t worry about it
that guy is as green as you are’.” The Ultimate Warrior had come had his match.
He sprinted to the ring, he hit the ropes, beats the guy and sprints all the way
through the locker room and immediately sits down. As am talking he passes out.
I said wow what happened. One of the Anderson brothers said don’t worry he
probably just got gassed. I thought he died. That was the first time I met him.
After that he wouldn’t talk much. He was nice to me. I respected him. He was a
man of few words. I respected him.”

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