Kenny Bolin Talks Jim Cornette, Vince Russo & John Cena


Sent by Jordan Garber:

Former OVW Manager, Kenny Bolin, was recently on Cut The Promo Podcast with host Jordan Garber. The show can be heard each week at 10 PM CT on Here are some of the highlights.

Kenny Bolin on Jim Cornette:

Let’s face it Jimmy has mental issues he’s had them since he was a kid. I don’t hate Jimmy I feel sorry for him. He’s alienated almost every single friend he’s got including his best friend. People he’s been friends with in the business he has beefs with on Twitter but not Facebook because that’s his wife’s job. He just can’t seem to get along with people.

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Kenny Bolin on Vince Russo:

Me and Russo have been friends for 5 years and I’ve known him for 20 years. I have to determine who’s good and who’s bad and Russo’s always been good to me.

Kenny Bolin on Vince McMahon initially doubting John Cena & Cena’s Stardom:

Vince did not like John Cena Vince was on Cenas “My life” DVD with us and said Cena didn’t have what it took and he wanted to get rid of Cena and Rico Constantino. We never told Cena because we’d think he’d take his ball and go home because he was doing television But we know he had what it took. That’s one thing me Cornette and Danny Davis agreed upon and that was John Cena was gonna be a huge star and Vince didn’t see it and what put him on the map was Mark Cuban. Cuban sent us a limo to pick us up and send us to the Pacer game and he told me we’d have 15 minutes to do what he wanted. What we didn’t know is that Mark Cuban fell in love with us and did a bunch of research on us and knew about OVW AND Dave Batista and he’d claim I’d offer to bring in Batista and not Cena which I knew he was doing his homework The word got to the WWE the next day and I was in trouble because of the press covering the Pacer game covered us as well wanting to know what we were doing. They were asking who’s this guy and who’s this jacked-up athlete and Vince was the first one that knew and Vince thought it was a shoot and that Mark Cuban would do a hostile takeover of the WWE

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