Kenny King Talks ROH
Kenny King Talks ROH

Kenny King Addresses Talk That ROH Is Almost Dead, Reacts To Marty Scurll As Head Booker


Kenny King recently spoke with Fightful for an interview, during which he shared his thoughts on Marty Scurll’s new position as booker for Ring Of Honor (ROH).

According to King, the addition of “The Villain” as ROH head booker is a move that “brings a fresh direction” to the promotion.

“As far as Marty being head of creative, I think that Marty is very smart and Marty is very passionate about the business,” King told Fightful during the interview. “He’s passionate about Ring of Honor. So, when you have that kind of combination, I think that Hunter [Johnson / Delirious] did a wonderful job, but I don’t think anybody can book a wrestling company consistently for as long as he did without your brain getting a little scrambled.”

King added, “So, I think that Marty coming in brings some fresh direction, it brings a lot of energy and the locker room is about positive energy right now. We’re about blocking out all of the noise that surrounds us. We just go out there and we put on the best shows all the time.”

Will the addition of Scurll help change the perception within the industry and among fans that “ROH is dying?” According to King, that is a misconception and one that will be proven wrong in due time.

“To scream from the mountain tops is, and you can quote me on this is, “Ha-ha, the damn sky ain’t falling,” right? About three / four months ago, “Oh, my god, Ring of Honor. The sky is falling.” I’ve been with Ring of Honor through two of these periods, maybe even three,” he said about the talk that ROH is dying. “Brian and Nigel left, “Oh, my God. The sky is falling.” When Seth and Hero and Claudio and those guys left, “Oh, my God. The sky is falling,” right? So, the sky never falls, man. We just reload. We just re-signed Marty Scurll. We just re-signed Brody King, PJ Black, I mean, Bandido just re-signed.”

He continued, “So, these are guys that people were just like, “Oh, there’s no way they’re going to stay there, ‘cause the company is dead,” blah blah blah blah blah. They’re not going anywhere, they continue because they see the sky’s not falling. It’s just internet nonsense. So, I just wanted to be the first one, I don’t know if anybody’s said it, but I wanted to be the first one to say that in the wake of Marty actually re-signing when everybody was like, “Oh, he’s a shoe-in for here, he’s a shoe-in for there.” Marty saw the value and clearly the dollar signs, right? But, the value in staying exactly where he was at which means that Ring of Honor isn’t a dead company and it still has lots of legs.”

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