Kenny King Says Bobby Heenan Is The Greatest Manager Of All Time, Comments On The Bachelorette


Kenny King spoke with Yahoo Sports to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights:

On Bobby Heenan:

“Bobby Heenan is the greatest manager of all time. My childhood wrestling memories are filled with memories of Bobby Heenan, Mr. Fuji and Slick. And then to a lesser extent, Paul E. Dangerously and Jimmy Hart. Bobby ‘The Brain’ is always going to be the guy synonymous with managers and great wrestling personalities.”

On wrestlers’ reaction to him being on The Bachelorette:

“I found that most of my friends in the business were watching for the first time because their wives were like, ‘If Kenny’s watching, you have to watch!’ Most of my friends in the business were ‘Oh, it looks like I’m watching now, appreciate you.’ That was a lot of my friends in general. Overall the reception was overwhelming positive. The guys had a lot of positive things to say about it. Just myself, I think the biggest compliments I was getting from my friends and the guys wrestling was that was you [on the show]. You didn’t pretend to be anybody else. That was a big compliment for me.”

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