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NewsKenny King Speaks On His Transition Back Into Wrestling

Kenny King Speaks On His Transition Back Into Wrestling



Kenny King was recently interviewed by ESPN. The basis of the interview was revolved around King’s appearance on the TV Show; The Bachelorette & during the interview, King spoke on what it has been like transitioning back into pro-wrestling.

Here’s what he had to say:

King: “Early on it was interesting, it was difficult. I hadn’t been in a wrestling ring in seven weeks and that’s the longest time I had taken off in probably four or five years. Getting back into life after an experience where you don’t have your phone or other distractions and you could go about your day and focus on thing, that’s something I really tried to take with me. It’s allowed me to focus more on wrestling. Being in the ring the first couple times after [returning] really gave me a new appreciation. I’m very lucky to have the job that I have and I’m dedicated to taking that to the next level.”

“In Ring of Honor, most of my success has come in the tag division, but in other promotions, I’ve been singles champions. So I’ve definitely proven I have what it takes to have a strong run and that’s what I’m focused on right now. I’m focused on standing on my own two, on really growing the Kenny King brand and showing everybody that yeah; Kenny King was great with Rhett Titus, but Kenny King alone is twice as good. I’m pushing myself to the next level so any casual fans or new eyes that we bring to the product are like: “Wow! This guy and this promotion is the real deal.”


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