Kenny King Thinks More Crossovers Will Get More People To Watch


In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Ring Of Honor wrestler Kenny King spoke about the recent crossovers in wrestling and if ROH could get involved down the line. Here are highlights:

On joining La Faccion Ingobernable:

“The Ingobernable organization is one of the biggest and most over ones in pro wrestling. It has some of the most prestigious members. It started with RUSH and Andrade in CMLL in Mexico and branched out to Naito, and Naito formed his own group in Japan. When I was in Japan, it was very very popular. The best factions are the ones that happen organically. This isn’t a situation where anybody in the office was like, ‘Hey guys, can you speak Spanish? Why don’t you go with RUSH and Dragon Lee?’

It’s a situation where it took a while to kind of manifest. I met RUSH and Dragon Lee for the first time in Mexico in 2017, and there was mutual respect there. I’ve seen Dragon Lee come back and forth a couple times. We built a relationship. So seeing those guys come to Ring of Honor then kind of solidified our relationship more and we’re just on the same page. We’re like-minded. Those dudes are wild and crazy, and I feel like my role is more like a consigliere. If RUSH is Vito and Dragon Lee is Mike, I’ll be Tom Hagen.

We’re putting the ship together. I’ll be the one to point out the targets, and then we set them up and knock them down. So it’s going to be one of those things this year where we have full strength now with Bestia Del Ring with us. We about to whoop everybody’s ass man. It’s about to be chaos. We really about to bring some of that, let’s call it, controlled chaos to these Foundation members if they want to whine and cry about the rules.”

On the ROH-NJPW relationship:

“I think that’s one of the sweetest things that’s going on right now is that you really don’t know what’s going to happen next. A lot of the walls and the old, nonsense, egotistical nonsense has kind of been put to the side in order to create better optics for pro wrestling, and I’m all for it. The New Japan relationship and the Ring of Honor relationship, it’s strong and hasn’t gone anywhere.

Obviously, things are different because of COVID and talent exchanges don’t work right now, but it’s definitely something that RUSH, Dragon Lee and I have talked about. Some kind of meeting of the minds, see how we can maybe sit down with some of the rest of Ingobernables. You have a sit-down with the heads of the families and all the seconds and all the thirds, and we discuss how we can move this thing forward.”

On crossovers in wrestling:

“I’d like to take Ingobernables everywhere and tear it up. I think what we have is such a special group of dudes and such a unique style that we bring. Everywhere we go we’ll show up and wreck it. I think that’s only good for wrestling, I think that the more crossovers that you see, the more unpredictability you get, I think that’s something that’s just going to get more people to tune in.”

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