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Kenny Omega Comments On Xavier Woods’ Acumen For Fighting Games


During a recent appearance on the “Put Your Quarters On The Glass” podcast, AEW star Kenny Omega commented on WWE Superstar Xavier Woods’ skills and acumen for fighting games. He said,

“Austin’s [Xavier Woods] talking about going back in on Street Fighter 6 and you know what, it’s a fresh start for everyone, a clean slate. I’d like to see what he’d be able to scoop together. I don’t think he has the natural skill or think he has the natural acumen for fighting games. I think that to be good at fighting games it takes a lot of skill, it takes very flexible and nimble digits. I think it takes an ability to read your opponent and be able to analyze the situation and act accordingly and these are all skills Austin Creed does not have whatsoever. Also, poor judgment on top of that, so bad decision making. We might need to do away with the entire fighting game thing. He just doesn’t have it in his inner workings, in his guts.”

For those unaware, Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega faced off against each other in a “Street Fighter V” exhibition match at the Community Effort Orlando event back in 2016.

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(h/t – Fightful)

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