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Kenny Omega Denies Story Of Him Skipping A ROH Show To Wrestle In Japan


Kenny Omega has taken to his Twitter account to debunk a story of him missing a 2010 ROH show to instead wrestle in Japan. Responding to a Twitter user who stated that Jim Cornette has had it out for Omega since Omega missed an ROH show, instead choosing to wrestle in Japan.

The Twitter user wrote:

“They’ve been coming after him [Kenny Omega] ever since [Jim] Cornette started talking sh*t about him years ago. Omega chose a Japan show over Cornette’s show, telling Cornette and whoever else was booking that he injured his ankle (as the story goes). Cornette has had it out for Omega ever since.”

Omega would then reply to the tweet. He clarified, that whilst he did miss an ROH show due to an ankle injury, he did not wrestle in Japan instead. The show in Japan was in fact an awards ceremony. Omega stated:

“This is a great story so I’ll tell it one more time. I’d hurt my ankle and had to take 3 weeks off. The appearance I left for in Japan (before said ROH show) was an awards ceremony.I won my first Tokyo Sports Best Bout award.I didn’t wrestle.Important details are always changed.”

After another user claimed to not believe Omega, he would reply to them, putting over just how prestigious the award ceremony was.

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