Kenny Omega Discusses How AJ Styles Helped His Wrestling Career


Co-holder of the AEW World Tag Team Championships, “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega had an interview with The Bleacher Report. During the interview, Omega talked how “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles helped his wrestling career.

Omega was in AJ’s corner for a match against Kota Ibushi in 2015. Omega didn’t interfere to help either AJ or Ibushi, but spoke of how physical AJ was during this match and how much he learned from Styles in this one encounter.

“This was the closest, physically, I had been to Ibushi in a wrestling environment for the longest time. For it to be in this huge title match with AJ Styles, and there was going to be this moment where what I did impacted the match, it was emotional for both of us,” admitted Omega.

“I can’t take all of the credit. Actually, AJ was a huge driving force. He went to the office and said, ‘Please, Gedo [the head of New Japan’s creative team], let Kenny be the only guy that comes out. I know Kenny has this thing that he wants to do, so let Kenny have this moment.’ If there were other Bullet Club guys there, it may get lost in the shuffle. He wanted it just to be me, and I think it helped magnify the impact of what happened in the ring and the real emotions.”

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