Kenny Omega Gets Into It With A Fan Who Says He Shouldn’t Be World Champion


AEW World Champion Kenny Omega took to Twitter today, responding to a fan who complained that an EVP of AEW should not be booked to hold the company’s world title belt. The fan said,

“Hold up. Can someone tell me why The EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF AEW @KennyOmegamanX is AEW World Champion If this was triple h people would be in an uproar. But Because its @AEW they are allowed to get away with it? Hell No.”

Omega replied to the tweet with the following,

“You’ve got it all wrong. I’m just a lowly Executive Best Wrestler of all time. That’s kinda why I win everything everywhere. That’s how life works.”

The same user then responded with,

“My Point is if you’re someone in power you should not be world champion.”

Omega responded to that tweet with the following,

“The only power I have is to make you cry.”

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