Omega & KENTA vs. Moxley & Archer Taking Place Next Week On Dynamite?


As we saw at the conclusion of Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite broadcast, NJPW’s KENTA (Hideo Itami in WWE) made his AEW debut by attacking Jon Moxley. Both men are scheduled to face each other for the IWGP United States Championship on February 26th at NJPW’s New Beginning USA 2021 event.

Omega caught up with KENTA outside of Daily’s Place in an AEW Exclusive (see highlights below), where KENTA told him off and said he was only here to take out Moxley, not to be Omega’s friend like before during their Bullet Club days. Omega said to the camera that once he talks things over with KENTA, he is requesting a tag-team match with the two men going against Archer and Moxley, presumably on next week’s Dynamite broadcast. The show will be taped on Thursday.

Omega said,

“You pass this along to Tony Khan. You want me to show up here every week and risk my life, Tony? Lance Archer, I saw what you did this week, too. Butting your nose in someone’s business that you don’t belong in. How about this? Next week, I’ll smooth things over with my newly found friend, KENTA, and if you got the guts, Tony — make it a tag match. In fact, well, he’s not contracted by this company, so, I can’t see how you could sanction this. Make this Lights Out, Falls Count Anywhere, something in my wheelhouse.”

AEW President Tony Khan has yet to respond to Omega’s request, so we may have an official announcement coming up over the next 24-48 hrs.

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