Kenny Omega Praises Juice Robinson, Talks Working With Cody Rhodes


Kenny Omega recently appeared on The Ross Report (transcript via to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Working with Cody:

“One thing that I always look forward to when working with Cody is that… and this isn’t a knock on anyone that I’ve worked with, but it’s very rare that I get to work with someone who has such good facials and selling ability.” Omega explained, “so I love being able to work with people like that. It allows for moments, and moves to feel more real, and for people to kind of take in the in-between stuff a lot more.”

Juice Robinson:

“I mean, we have a couple of guys that I think are working really hard and that could get over with the crowd.” Omega pondered, “right off the bat, I can say that people are really starting to believe in Juice and I think that he’s going to start to connect to people in a brand new way and people are going to start to care more about what he does in the ring. And I remember when Juice kind of first came to his sort of single’s run, and because he was kind of just doing a bunch of multi-mans and stuff like that beforehand. And he was sort of recognized as a graduate of our Young Lions kind of program even though he was fully trained when he came to New Japan. This is sort of a gimmick kind of thing. But he was doing the punches. You know he [has] got those great punches and he eventually wanted the crowd to chant, ‘Juice’ with it as he did every jab. And I worked with him in a singles match in one of the country towns and none of them knew to chant the ‘Juice’ and he was really disappointed about that, but now he’ll go anywhere and everybody is all about his punches and they’re all about his character. He’s really starting to get that effect and have that gathering and people are really starting to cheer for him as an underdog.”

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