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Kenny Omega Pulls The V Trigger On Disco Inferno Regarding STARDOM Comments


Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has pulled a V Trigger (figuratively speaking) on former WCW star Disco Inferno regarding some remarks that Disco made about a STARDOM match (see below).

Disco Inferno initially tweeted, “Didn’t Dave [Meltzer] say these were the best women’s wrestlers?”

This prompted a response from Kenny Omega, as he replied with the following,

“It’s pretty sickening that un-athletic enhancement talents of yesteryear are trying to tear down incredibly gifted stars of today. BTW, this clip and both these gals rule.”

Afterward, a Twitter user replied by talking about Don Callis appearing as an enhancement talent. Omega replied to the user by saying,

“My uncle didn’t belittle young talent on social media (or otherwise) like a bitch. He did his best to encourage and guide them. Big difference. Nice try.”

WWE/WCW/ECW alumni Lance Storm got involved, as he replied to Disco’s comments with the following,

“Classic Disco. Pick a clip of a whacky spot many in North America won’t like to be a troll. I’ve watched a lot of Stardom, many there would work circles around you.”

You can check out the entire exchange below:

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