Kenny Omega Responds to Criticism Over AEW Not Signing Deonna Purrazzo


Kenny Omega reacted to criticism from one fan over AEW not signing former WWE NXT star Deonna Purrazzo, who recently joined Impact Wrestling. Here’s the exchange: 

Fan: “So word is Deonna Purrazzo is heading to Impact Wrestling. My 1st thought. How is a company like Impact Wrestling, able to have a women’s division that’s 10 times better than AEW’s? Esp when AEW needs all the help they can get for that division? @KennyOmegamanX drops ball again!

Omega: “Truly happy for Deonna but I’m incredibly proud of our division and its athletes. You should try watching some of our matches. Start with the recent title match from a few days ago and then honestly tell me we need help.

Fan: “With all due respect. I’ve watched them all. Women’s wrestling is pretty much all I watch. From all company’s. I’m sorry to say, & I’m not alone in this feeling. But aside from a couple others, Only thing you’ve really done right is that last match. Improve it is all I ask.

Omega: “Some strong thoughts that I very much disagree with, but that’s completely fine. Watch what you enjoy, sir.

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