Kenny Omega Says He’s Been Working Injured


Over the last year, the Youtube show, Being The Elite has become enormously important to the life of the Bullet Club and NJPW. The show gives viewers an inside look at “The Elite” and other members of the Bullet Club.

On the twitch feed of the newest episode, NJPW’s biggest star told fans that his foot injury is healing up well and is doing much better, but his ribs are fractured.

“It is my rib that is fractured right now. I know it’s crazy right? How do I keep getting injured? Yeah, my ribs are in a bad way but what can you do … right? I’m not one of those guys that likes to try to brag. Like, ‘Hey, look. I’m injured and I’m so tough I’m gonna keep fighting.’ It’s not like that at all. It’s just you gotta do what you gotta do. You just gotta go when you’re the champ, ya know? You can’t disrespect the belt. You can’t take days off.”

It’s great news that Omega’s foot is doing well, but fractured ribs are a significant injury. I’ve experienced rib injury myself from wrestling and it affects every movement you make inside the ring. Major props to Kenny for not taking any time off, but I wish him luck. He must be careful, but aggravating the injury is inevitable.

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