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Kenny Omega Says Jim Cornette Should Take Responsibility For Fan Attack On AEW Dynamite


As seen during last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, a fan tried to get into the ring during a segment involving Chris Jericho and MJF. He was stopped by security and Jericho before he could make it into the ring though. The fan later took to Twitter and said he did it for Jim Cornette, who proceeded to blast him for his stupidity.

Kenny Omega took to Twitter to react to Cornette’s comments, telling him that he should be the one taking responsibility for the actions of the fan. Omega said,

“Is it finally time to assume some responsibility and dial the online persona back a bit? Your low IQ man children have evolved from parroting your comments to actually acting out in (attempted) violence.”

Cornette responded with the following,

“You & I agree for the first time–this guy IS a moron, or he wouldn’t have been at a show with your phony ass on it. Two clarifications: Unlike you I’ve SEEN violence in an arena & this wasn’t it, & secondly looking at your supporters I wouldn’t toss the phrase “low IQ” around. Also, Turdblossom, I don’t have an “online persona” because unlike you I’m not a complete fucking fake. If you don’t like my opinion I really don’t give 2 shits, but I don’t have to make ANYTHING up to tell you what I think about your phony ass.”

Omega then responded to Jim’s tweet, saying,

“Hey Jim,I think you’re one of the greatest wrestling historians going and I enjoyed your work with #darksideofthering .For whatever it’s worth,I sincerely hope that you’re remembered for your positive contributions to the wrestling business. That’s all.”

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