KENTA Says Jon Moxley Has Been Letting The IWGP US Championship Rot


KENTA did an interview on last Friday’s NJPW Strong to promote his upcoming IWGP US title match against Jon Moxley on February 26th. Here are the highlights: 

What he plans to do Moxley: 

“I’m just going to beat him up, kick his ass. That’s it. I’ve been defending that briefcase for over six months to be IWGP United States champion. So I’m going to kick his ass.”

On what the title would mean to him: “You know, I’m the best person to represent New Japan Pro Wrestling to the world. I deserve to be the first-ever Japanese IWGP United States champion, so I can’t wait.”

His message to Moxley: 

“Moxley, it took you a long time to show up. I’ve been defending that damn briefcase for months. It got broken once too! But finally, finally our time has come. We’ll finally fight for the IWGP US Heavyweight Title that you’ve been letting rot all this time.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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