Kevin Nash At 1,000th RAW?, WWE’s May Business #’s


— Kevin Nash posted the following on Twitter in regard to his status for the 1,000th RAW: So f*cked Raw’s 1000th episode falls on my family vacation. Every year we spend july in the islands. Family comes 1st after 20+ years

— Here are WWE’s May 2012 business figures:

* The WrestleMania 28 DVD shipped 175,000 copies, up from 160,000 copies in May 2011.

* 403,000 WWE DVD copies were shopped, up 49% from last year.

* drew 12.5 million unique visitors, down 9% from last year.

* did an average of 645 orders per day, down 23% from last year.

* Average house show attendance in North America was down 3% from last year.

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