Kevin Nash Blasts WWE Superstars: “Don’t Look Like They Can Throw A F***ing Punch”


Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has said that current WWE Superstars don’t look legitimately tough in the ring.

Nash, a former WWF and WCW World Champion, was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2015 for his singles work, and inducted in 2021 (as part of the 2020 class) for his role in the nWo.

Speaking on ‘Kliq This,’ Nash hit out at the current roster of talent:

“The thing that I found out or realized was nobody has any heat. There’s nobody on the television show that I look at and say, ‘That person, if this was real and kicked my door down, I’d be like, oh f***.’ They’re athletic but they don’t look like they can even throw a f***ing punch.”

Nash added that this isn’t just a WWE problem but one that AEW is also dealing with:

“I realize now that both companies do it when they go to commercial break, the action is in a small box. And I actually enjoy that more because they’re going so f***ing fast on a large screen TV, you’re like, ‘Slow the f*** down!’ It’s too just too fast, nobody sells sh**.”

Both AEW and WWE are dealing with several major injuries at the moment, with AEW World Champion CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Bryan Danielson and Randy Orton all out of action.

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