Kevin Nash Claims He Never Received A Dime From WCW Merchandise Sales


Kevin Nash claims he never once received a merchandise check from WCW.

During the latest edition of his “Kliq This” podcast, the former “Diesel” commented on never getting paid any merchandise revenue from WCW, why he sued the company after it went out of business, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his merchandise sales from WCW: “I don’t recall ever seeing a merchandise check in WCW. Not a dime. The minute they went out of business, I sued them.”

On his current royalties on merchandise with WWE: “Well we got the big one when we came back from Turner [to WWE]. It was a 50/50 split with the company and the three of us [Nash, Hall, & Hogan] each got 16.7%… It sold, man. I still get that quarterly. It’s nice, it’s a retirement. It’s definitely — it’s enough money for me to retire.”

On Hogan getting merchandise money from WCW: “I’m sure he did. I’m sure that he saw it, yeah. No, this is why I sued them, knowing that I could get a decent settlement without much of a fight, because I mean their records were f**king, they were shredding records and s**t, man. It wasn’t gonna look good for a Fortune 500 to be running the way they were.”

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