Kevin Nash Discusses Scott Hall’s Compassionate & Caring Nature


The latest episode of Kevin Nash’s “Kliq This” podcast was centered around Scott Hall, who passed away just over a year ago. Nash shared a number of heartwarming stories about his friend, and one such story involved Hall putting over Chris Jericho despite being booked to defeat him. Nash said,

“I remember when we had a Nitro and like, they just basically told Scott to go out and beat Jericho. And Scott f**king said, you know, ‘All right.’ And then Scott went out and put Chris over. And I know Chris, you know? I mean, I know Chris remembers that. But see, a lot of people aren’t — a lot of people are so caught up in doing the process. Where the process was second nature to Scott. So while everybody else is out there thinking what the first spot is, Scott’s watching Jericho leaned into the crowd, and the crowd just reach over and grab him like he’s the lead singer from INXS, [Michael] Hutchinson, you know?


“And Scott sees that, and he’s like, ‘Nah, man. I’ll give give the f**king people what they want. If the people in Creative can’t see it, maybe they just need to look through my lens.’ And he would f**king — you know, he would do that. He would, he would let people see it through the eyes of Scott.”

Nash also went on to shower praise on his friend for being a compassionate and caring human being in general. He said,

“You know, most of the people that worked with Scott — like you know, you’ve got your sushi story and you know, ‘a little light.’ But when it came down to it, it was just — he had a heart of gold. I never saw that dude ever go by a homeless dude or somebody in need and not give them money, never. Just did it did not happen.”

On the same episode, Kevin Nash discussed a future project that Dark Side of the Ring is planning on Scott Hall and explained that the project will focus on the traumatic experiences that Hall went through after being involved in a fatal shooting in 1983 outside of a nightclub. You can check that out here.

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