Kevin Nash Recalls Arn Anderson’s Reaction To His ‘My Spot’ Parody Segment In WCW


On the latest episode of his “Kliq This” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recalled his ‘my spot’ parody segment where he tastelessly mocked Arn Anderson, portraying him as a fat, balding drunk man in WCW.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On their relationship before and after the segment: “It was great before it was not. It wasn’t great after. As many times, as many times as I have apologized.”

On the segment: “But you know in a way I almost had to do. It was in Pensacola. And it was crazy because it’s the first time I’d ever done anything, and maybe the only time I’d heard anything where the response of the crowd was more like a comedy show than it was a wrestling arena. They didn’t. Was just laughter. It was like, you know like you would that you would pop them. You know, throughout the skit and it was completely different, it was wild to me, you know, in front of 9000 people doing basically stand-up comedy. But just actually just kind of improv because I go watch it, anybody did a parody on anybody. There was a Macho Mads and a couple of things, you know, after that.”

On the receipt he got from Anderson: “They’re saying here’s the receipt with you. There’s a receipt. It’s on tape too, or he comes down, and I’m on the apron or something like that. He drills me. It’s a good receipt. Understandable, I called it even.”

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