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NewsKevin Nash Recalls Booker T Turning Down Offer To Join The nWo

Kevin Nash Recalls Booker T Turning Down Offer To Join The nWo



What would the nWo have looked like with Booker T in the mix? According to Kevin Nash, the offer was extended to the WCW standout, but Booker rejected the idea.

The nWo was arguably the most popular storyline and stable of 1997 before it lost its way. Nash was speaking about the popular faction he pioneered on his Kliq This podcast, and offered up his memory of why Booker turned down the group. Nash said, “I remember when we asked Booker T to join the NWO. He said ‘F*** no, man. You guys work too much.'”

Booker T himself remembers the exchange going a bit differently, as he spoke on this very topic on his own podcast last year. The five-time WCW Champion recalled his own thoughts about being asked to join the nWo. Booker explained: “It was just something that I did not want to be a part of. I didn’t want to be, you know, in the mix with a bunch of different guys, coming out to that one [song]. Sure, you know, being a part of a group like that, you gotta change the way you work, the way you act.”

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