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NewsKevin Nash Recalls Nearly Going Off-Script With CM Punk Back In 2011

Kevin Nash Recalls Nearly Going Off-Script With CM Punk Back In 2011



Kevin Nash reminisced about working an angle with CM Punk back in 2011, and how he nearly went off-script with the “straight edge” Superstar.

On the latest episode of his “Kliq This” podcast, Nash discussed why he was brought in and the storyline he and Punk were going to work.

Kevin Nash famously cost Punk the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 2011. The former “Diesel” powerbombed Punk at the pay-per-view event, and Big Daddy Cool and the Second City Saint were also scheduled to work an angle on the following night’s RAW.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On costing Punk the WWE Championship: “They asked me to come out, stick him, and be gone.”

On Punk’s promo on the following night’s RAW: “I have no verbiage. I’m told not to say anything. As soon as he says that, I’m thinking to myself, ‘Ok, I cost you the world title, and you come down, and you come through the curtain, and you stand 250 feet away from me? Like you don’t come down and attack me? You verbally attack me?’”

On stopping himself from going off-script: “I just thought to myself, after all these years in the business, that’s what you should do is be completely unprofessional, be a f***ing douchebag, never go in the Hall of Fame because you went into business for yourself. I was like , “F*** it, man, it’s only pro wrestling.’”

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