Kevin Nash Says Shows Will Be Written On Time Under Triple H


With Triple H now in charge of creative, there have been a lot of fans and wrestlers expecting things to change for the better. One person who believes Triple H will do a lot to change the way WWE produces its content is Kevin Nash. The Hall of Famer has a strong history with Triple H and has now given his opinion on what he thinks will change the most with “The Game” now being in charge.

In the latest edition of Kliq This podcast, Nash spoke about former CEO Vince McMahon not having the TV shows written on time and believed that this would be improved with Triple H as head of creative.


“Vince will f**king not have the show done. I remember when I was working with CM Punk and Phil and I would just be sitting there and of course, it didn’t affect me because they gave me no f**king verbiage … They wanted the basic bullets and we just look at each other and the pyro is starting and we don’t even have, ‘I’ll see you out there.’”

He continued, “I think right one thing, one thing guaranteed that happened this Monday was that it was, you know, people knew probably by 5:00 people had a concrete idea exactly what was going to f*cking happen in the Garden.”

Last night’s edition of RAW was considered by many to be the start of a brand new era in WWE. It featured talents such as Tommaso Ciampa, Iyo Sky, Chad Gable, and more, getting more time to wrestle on TV. Only time will tell if more undervalued talents continue to get more time to shine on the main roster with Triple H at the helm.

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