Kevin Nash & Scott Hall Want Kevin Sullivan to Be Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame With the nWo


During the latest edition of WWE’s “After the Bell with Corey Graves” podcast, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall commented on WCW booker Kevin Sullivan being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with the nWo, Eric Bischoff, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if they would add anyone to the nWo induction to the WWE Hall of Fame:

Scott Hall: “I guess from a fan’s point of view, maybe they wouldn’t agree, but from somebody who’s like behind the curtain, I would think Easy E, I would think Eric Bischoff, because the whole thing was his idea. But I guess if you’re a viewing fan, you don’t see it that way. That’s the way I see it, I would have Bischoff up there with us.”

Kevin Nash: “I’d have Kevin Sullivan, because Sullivan was the guy that basically, though it was Eric’s idea, Sullivan was the one that made sure, there’s always been the equation that if you’re a heel, that in order for you to be successful, it’s like a hot air balloon, the more heat you allow inside that balloon, the higher it goes, and the more viable that heel entity is, and Sullivan just really battled day in, day out to make sure they didn’t take heat off of us. Nobody got through the nWo. And Sullivan always booked heat, and he continued to book heat, and his booking of that heat is what made the nWo.”

Scott Hall: “I want to concur. Kevin Sullivan, who I’m a huge fan of, it was what we call back in the day, a heel booker. I’m gonna pile on what Kev said. Yeah, these guys are hot coming in, we were hot coming in the door because we came off Vince’s TV, we were Razor and Diesel, and what are they doing here, and this is before all these internet, this is before everybody had a cellphone, this is before all these internet stuff was out there, people thought it was real. People thought Vince sent us there to destroy WCW, it was a, good time was had by all.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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