Kevin Nash Shares Funny Story Of Vince McMahon Asking To Join The Kliq


Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels formed a backstage alliance while in WWE in the 1990s and called themselves The Kliq. 

They were best friends behind the scenes and had power due to their status on the card. 

During the debut episode of his Kliq This podcast, Nash reflected on a hilarious story of Vince McMahon discovering The Kliq and asking to join.

“He walked in and goes, ‘Let me ask you guys f***ing something right now. What’s the deal with this f***ing Kliq?’ We just sat there like, ‘Oh, f***.’ This is a different tone than he’s ever taken. [Vince said] ‘Because, God damm*t, I want in.’ And we all looked at him and laughed, we said, ‘You love the businessman, you’re in.’ He basically kind of told us, ‘You guys are busting your a** coming up with sh**.’ We just didn’t come up with sh** for ourselves, we came up with sh** for other guys too.”

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(h/t – WrestlingInc)

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