Kevin Nash Shares His Pick For One Of nWo’s Most Important Moments


Kevin Nash discussed a wide range of topics during a recent interview on ESPN’s SportsNation. Here are some of the highlights: 

One of the most important moments for the group: 

“We were so involved creatively. They let us be very violent. That was one of the things where Vince was kind of getting away from being violent. To me, wrestling was sex and violence. At that point in the mid-90s, they let us go. I think one of the biggest moments was the night they let us come to the ring with aluminum baseball bats. I don’t care who you are, everybody knows if you hit somebody with an aluminum baseball bat, it’s gonna do some damage. It’s something other people weren’t doing.”

His favorite memories with the nWo: 

“We did seven Mondays in a row where we did Nitro. We did them from dome show – the Superdome, RCA Dome, Alamo Dome, Georgia Dome, Astrodome – and they did like 30,000 or 40,000 people every show we did. I just said to myself – this is the first time they didn’t put on the marquee who was fighting. It was just Nitro and the nWo would be there. To me, it gave me the feel that we had left to the arena and went to the stadium. We were drawing stadium crowds. I felt like a rock star for a split minute. That was huge to walk in and see those crowds and know you were instrumental in drawing them.”

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