Kevin Nash Speaks On The Kliq & Their Backstage Influence


Kevin Nash recently appeared on Steve Austin’s podcast and talked about The Kliq, X-Pac, Triple H and more. Here are some highlights ….

On X-Pac joining The Kilq: “Pac did that angle when he was the 1-2-3 Kid. It was his 21st birthday, Kid’s, Hennig and the Smoking Gunns took him out, Bart and Billy Gunn. The next day he shows up at TV and he’s missing an eyebrow. They got him all f***ed up and shaved his eyebrow. Now Kid makes the decision to shave both his eyebrows. So he gets to TV and lo and behold, they’re going to shoot his 8×10. So that son of a b**** on his 8×10 has got no eyebrows. Back then there wasn’t no money in the WWF so I think that photo followed him for about two years. The funniest thing was he knew it was either the Smoking Gunns or Kurt. And because him and Kurt were buddies for many [years], he made the calculation that it had to be the Smoking Gunns. We’re in El Paso, and I look over and see Kid’s over there and he’s got super glue and he’s putting it around the brim of the cowboy’s hats. I’m like what the f***. The Kid’s like a buck 70, Billy and Bart are two big ol’ raw bone dudes. That’s one thing people don’t realize. Until you shake hands with Billy Gunn, look him in the eyes, you have no idea how big that dude is. That’s a grown man. Bart was the same way.

We go to the curtain, Smoking Gunns, they put their hats on, they go out there, shoot the pistols and go to pull off their hats and the s***’s glued to their hair. I about p***ed myself. We looked down at Kid, he was standing there, he watched it, he turned, looked at us and smacked his hands together like f*** you, job well done. We said dude, you’re going to need some protection. You need to get in our car. He jumped in [with the Kliq] on that there. I want this mother f***er in our car. The thing was, that mother f***er could go. He’s been going since he was 17, you know, so he was a working mother f***er. He was another one of the people that loved to talk the business.”

On Triple H joining The Kliq: “Hunter, we were on the road so much we were watching the Saturday, it was called Main Event back then, the WCW Main Event. Me and Shawn’s favorite wrestler was Terra Ryzing, who was Hunter’s deal when he was in WCW. He was Terra Ryzing. We were in Wooster or some place like that, Kowalski came in and Hunter came in with him. He had a sports coat and slacks on and we were like look at this mother f***er, but we knew he was Terra Ryzing, with that long Fabio hair. So he had his tryout match and we all sat there at the monitor. Scott looked back at me and said mother f***er’s money. He walked out of the ring and Scott was walking step for step, maybe three feet behind him. Kind of being a goof. Paul turned around and looked at him, he said who do you ride with? He said Walters, he said not next week. Next week, he said, you ride with us. Then we found out that he didn’t drink or do anything. He didn’t drink, he didn’t take pills, he didn’t do s**. It was like f*** yeah, designated driver because my big ass had been driving those guys around for like two years. ”

On their backstage influence: “We had pull because the spots we were in. The Intercontinental Championship spot was always the precursor to the World Title. Between Scott, myself and Shawn Michaels, we had that mother f***er pretty much wrapped for about three years. I had a year run with the strap, with the World belt. Shawn and I popped in there a couple times as tag champs. We were always in the mix, upper echelon guys. Hunter hadn’t lost, he was unbeaten. He was an up and coming star. Kid was always in the mix because he was so talented, he could have a match with anybody. When Bret debuted, Bret actually worked on RAW, which was a big deal. They put Shawn Waltman in there with him just because they knew they’d have an incredible [match]. They never gave s*** away for free back then and RAW was a one hour show and I think they did a two or three segment match that was just off the hook.”

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